1940s style Gorillaz Covers

I've loved the trend, over the last several years, to take modern music and cover it as it might have been played decades ago. This isn't really new, during the 1990s swing revival, I heard a lot of interesting takes on Radiohead's creep.  Late in his life, Johnny Cash famously created country(ish) versions of a number of popular songs.  Then electro swing made modern dance mixes of music from the early to mid 20th century and a lounge revival in the early 2000s did a similar (if less dancey) thing. Starting in 2004, Nouvelle Vague created a following by creating loungey versions of punk and new wave hits from the 1970s and 80s. (If you're not aware, check out their cover of the Dead Kennedy's 'Too Drunk to Fuck'.)

So there is some recent historical context to a flurry of YouTube channels, including Puddle's Pity Party, Postmodern Jukebox and Robyn Adele Anderson - If you're unfamiliar, check out a few recent covers of early Gorillaz stuff. Have fun!


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