A message home to dad (New trailer for Alien Covenant)

This is a good trailer. The message 'feels' real enough but I'm not sure how I feel about the movie itself. Alien was brilliant; it was one of the best science fiction movies of its era. The accidental discovery of the alien eggs, the seeming escape and descent into chaos, the malfunctioning robot, corporate greed trumping the lives of the crew - all of that seemed plausible, which meant the audience reacted in shock and horror along with the crew of the Nostromo. It made them, and their plight, sympathetic. The second movie, 'Aliens' was also good but in a different way. This time the audience had an idea of what to expect but it managed to be a good action/sci-fi/horror shoot em up. After that the Alien franchise sorta coasted, with each subsequent film being noticeably worse than the one before.

Covenant is a reboot of a franchise that got really tired, at a time when reboots are all the rage but most aren't working out very well. It does have an excellent cast (both lead and supporting). However, I still haven't figured out if they've found something new and worthwhile to do with the franchise, or if they'd just like some more money and slapped together some recycled plot points to do it with. At the moment I'm feeling dread and excitement in almost equal measure.

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