Another reason we need more female writers and directors in sci-fi: 'Born Sexy Yesterday'

I wouldn't care much about the gender of the person who creates a story, except that men seem to have an impossibly hard time creating good female characters. I won't devote any more space to the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope but 'born sexy yesterday' is something that has gotten little attention. It has become a recurring theme in sci-fi/fantasy and it goes something like this: A woman, sometimes with incredible power but the mind of a child, is paired with a male protector. The man, usually someone who would be considered undesirable by most women (in terms of their attitude or status) takes on a semi-parental role as a protector and guide and (sooner or later) lover. The woman, new to the ways of the world, falls for .... basically the only guy she knows who isn't trying to kill her. 

This video from Pop Culture Detective explores the trope:

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