I don't care about timelines, I'm glad Star Trek is coming back

Star Trek is returning to the small screen this fall. For me that is the most important thing. Some of the movies have been better than others, but for the most part they have been money grabs. The small screen is where Star Trek earned its audience and where it tells its best stories.

The new series, Star Trek Discovery, takes place 10 years before the original series and there are many who are upset with the timeline. I'm not even going to go there though. I've accepted that CBS and Paramount who hold the rights to Star Trek really have no idea what they have. The focus since, at least, Enterprise has been on how to maximize the possible audience.

According to rumour, in a roundtable discussion before Star Trek Enterprise was launched, one executive wanted to have weekly musical guests beam onto the ship. For the last three films, executives decided to retell the original story in the hope of luring in younger fans with younger, prettier actors and more explosions and lens flares.

All of this shows that they don't really understand what Star Trek is about or why it's popular. On the surface (where they've been focused) it's about science, technology and space exploration but on a basic level, Star Trek is about us. It is about who we are, who we hope to be and who we fear becoming. It's about technology and exploration and how people react to those things. About who we might become with advanced technology and how we interact with cultures and civilizations that are different from our own.

When it is done well, Star Trek is hands down better than Star Wars. It doesn't use magic to solve problems, it rarely even uses violence - Star Trek stories are about people and it resolves issues in human ways (at least ways that humans think we should solve problems).

I hope that Star Trek Discovery, as producers have promised, finds its way back to those stories. If it does, I don't care about timeline inconsistencies. While I wait, I think I'll watch Deep Space 9 again.

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