Score: A Film Music Documentary [Trailer]

Music is one of the most ever-present but (usually) least noticed parts of cinema. Star Wars wouldn't be Star Wars without the music that accompanies its scenes. Tim Burton's films would lose much of their atmosphere without the music of Danny Elfman. Music tells you how close the shark is in Jaws. It tells you whether you're watching someone take a pleasant walk in the forest or if they have become the target of an axe murderer.

The 90 minute documentary will be released on June 16 but will likely be as difficult to find in theatres as most documentaries. However, unlike most documentaries, Matt Schrader's film doesn't want for star power. The list of individuals featured in the documentary reads like a who's who modern filmmakers and score composers.

It includes Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, John Williams, James Cameron, Trent Reznor, Rachel Portman, Randy Newman, Howard Shore, Quincy Jones, Bear McCreary, Moby, Garry Marshall, Steven Spielberg, James Horner and many, many others.

Find more info at IMDB.

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